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Valuatum Platform Description

Valuatum Platform is a product which enables a stockbroker to deliver its research to its institutional customers.

Stockbroker's analysts produce the information using their Excel valuation models. Valuatum offers then the models and delivers the numbers of the broker in different formats to the end users, i.e. to institutional investors, so that they can get the best possible use of the information


The best way to examine this product is to consider it from the point of view of the three parties involved:

    Stockbroker Valuatum Institutional investor

In this page you can see what is the role of these three parties in Valuatum Platform.


Valuatum Platform - 3 parties involved
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Platform from
Stockbroker's point of view

Excel valuation models

A stockbroker is the fundamental source of the numbers used in the company valuation models. Sell-side analysts produce these numbers using Excel-based valuation models.

The numbers in Excel models are updated through platform interface to the database. In practice, analysts need only to press one button in Excel to get the current numbers and valuation models immediately available to the end users.

How broker's current Excel models are integrated to the Valuatum's system?
See overview: EXCEL and ValuPlatform
See details about EXCEL INTEGRATION



Valuatum's Excel Model
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Admin tool

Stockbroker has full administration accessibility to its own service and customers with a tool called Valuatum Admin.

Main features include: User Management, Reserach Library Management, Statistics and Model Management.

Admin Tool operational instructions


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Platform from
Valuatum's point of view

Valuatum is the link between broker and investor. It maintains and updates all the processes needed in Valuatum Platform and naturally offers customer service and technical support.

In the picture on the right you can see the processes in more detail. The processes include (among others):

Share prices update every day
Models recalculating with new share prices
ValuViews pages generating every day
Parameters change in ValuViews pages
Formulas updating in the valuation model



Valuatum Platform in more detail
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Platform from
Investor's point of view

The end users - institutional investors - have the following tools in their use:

Company Valuation Models (in Valuatum Client)

A full financial analysis model including income statement, balance sheet, estimate parameters, valuation analyses and the most important key figures.

All the relevant estimate parameters can be changed and updated by the user and the changes made are automatically reflected in all other data.

User can also save his/her own scenarios to the local disk.

Parameter Query (in Valuatum Client)

Enables the user to run own queries among the database companies and their figures. The database includes all the forecast values for the companies in it as well as the history data.

Also time series information is available through Parameter Query.

Company Views (in ValuViews)

For each company there are 4 different web pages that are upated daily. These pages include main parameters and key figures in a table and graph format.

Rankings pages (in ValuViews)

Include three web pages where companies are ranked according to different criteria, e.g. recommendation, dividend yield and so on. Also these pages are generated daily from the database.

Research library (in ValuViews)

Provides an access to static research publications (pdf-files) that the stockbroker has uploaded to the database. End users can search publications by key word, analyst, company date range etc. Also part of the library is the main page in ValuViews where the latest reports are directly available.

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Valuatum Sitemap

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More information about Valuatum Platform

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